Will Vitamin C Make Psoriasis Worse?

Psoriasis is a genetic condition that is triggered by inflammation in the body, stress, vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune disorders, sensitivities to foods, and other environmental triggers. Psoriasis is not contagious, but there is no cure and is a lifelong condition. Treating psoriasis can be a process of trial and error, pairing lifestyle and diet changes with prescription and over the counter medications, vitamins and supplements.

There have been mixed reviews about whether or not vitamin C can trigger a psoriasis outbreak, or actually make it better. If you’re researching psoriasis treatment, you’ve probably come across sites that say vitamin C can worsen symptoms, and others that say to make sure you get plenty of vitamin C in your diet. Hopefully we can clear up some of the misinformation out there and help you to understand how vitamin C can or hurt when you’re treating your psoriasis.

First, we’ll discuss how vitamin C got this bad reputation for making symptoms worse. Psoriasis is essentially a malfunction of the immune system. T cells are triggered by different substances, foods, or vitamin deficiencies and cause inflammation paired with an overproduction of cells on the skin. They can also trigger arthritis in some people. Foods containing vitamin C, such as citrus fruits and tomatoes, are also high in acids that can worsen symptoms in some people. Additionally, most vitamin C supplements are not buffered and very acidic, which can also cause flare ups. Other foods that have a high acid content and can also cause inflammation are coffee, red meat, and dairy products. You can cut out acidic foods and add them back into your diet, one at a time, to see which ones you may be sensitive to.

It is the acid in vitamin C rich foods and supplements that have led many people to believe that vitamin C can worsen psoriasis. However, vitamin C itself has many benefits for treating not only the symptoms and severity of psoriasis, but the underlying causes of it as well.

Start treatment at the root cause of psoriasis; immune system malfunction. Vitamin C helps to calm the immune system by helping it respond appropriately to disease. When a disease, like psoriasis, is present, cells are essentially “misinformed” about their function and role in the body. They produce a cascade of free radicals that heighten the awareness of the immune system, basically aggravating it.

In the presence of chemicals or foods that you may be sensitive to, the immune system attacks with more vigor than is necessary, causing an autoimmune response. The immune system attacks the skin and joints causing inflammation, a quick production of extra cells, pain, arthritis, and severe itching. Vitamin C flushes free radicals from the body and in turn, keeps the immune system from overreacting or attacking the wrong parts of your body.

Vitamin C also treats inflammation, controls the production of histamines that cause itching, and blocks histamine receptors, improving much of the discomfort that is experienced when psoriasis flares up. Talk with your doctor when you use vitamins and supplements to treat psoriasis. You can purchase discount vitamins online to decrease the cost of long-term supplementation. To avoid the acid that is present in most vitamin C products, choose a buffered form of the best vitamin C, like a high quality best vitamin C, so that you don’t inadvertently cause symptoms to worsen.

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One Response to “Will Vitamin C Make Psoriasis Worse?”

  1. jake says:

    I just googled psoriasis and vit c. I have scalp psoriasis badly for two months, but this time around it is at month 5 & 6 of high dose home made lecithin encased AA (ascorbic acid)- I started June 1 with 10 – 20 gms per day and peaked at 40gms; averaging 11 gms or so per day after 7 months.

    The first few weeks were cleaning the mucus lining of my throat and gut; I lost my voice for 2.5 weeks and watched stuff moving up and out (red rashes on the back of throat). Zone by zone the symptoms would kick up, reduce, kickup, reduce perhaps three or four times then go quiet and another zone would act up. Month 5&6 seems to be the CerebralSpinalFluid and brain area; Month 2 & 3 were heavy cleaning of polyps and abcesses in the jaw – nose – ear & neck area withe even latge herpes soars opening up on my forhead and cheeks. enough said.

    I keep the high dose C going and the head psoriasis and slightly swollen meningite cotinue, but seemed to have leveled and finaly started to reduce.

    What the parasites are I no longer worry too much about; I think I had systemic candidas albicans plus residual herpes b and, by the looks of the symptoms, strep and list of viral&bacterial crap. The vit C seems to turbocharge the immune system and plow on with a clean out of residual stuff left behind from life.

    It has been as if every single old inury has been revisited in the process: sores and irruptions appearing on all scar tissue locations; even my childhood TB shoulder vaccination spot comming up for 3 or 4 days and then reducing back.
    I added borax (1/4 tsp in qt of water each day drunk in thirds) in mid August which continues, and oregano thyme eucalyptus oil as an anti parasite taken orallyto cahse stuff out.

    well, symptoms would appear in identifialble areas throughout the process. Around wrist knee elbow joints; along surgical scars; back of neck and along spine; particular muscles used for sport.

    NOw the symptoms are closer and closer to the surface, and no longer are boils and stuff coming from 1 cm deep, but now are more in the last 3mm of skin area. SO I have encouragement that the process is indeed a deep clean and will hopefully arrive towards near completion SOON (I hope).

    BRAVE ON _

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