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Strengthen Arteries with Vitamin C

Monday, July 6th, 2015
Strengthen Arteries with Vitamin C

Are your arteries becoming diseased because of a simple vitamin C deficiency?

Vitamin C is a nutrient necessary for strengthening arteries. As we age, arteries weaken. To combat the effects of weakened arteries, our bodies “patch things up” with plaques and hardened cholesterol. This can lead to stroke, artery disease (atherosclerosis), arterial embolism, aortic aneurysm, peripheral vascular disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, and the list goes on. Keeping your arteries in good working order can help you to avoid a wide variety of deadly diseases and events.

Most people don’t find out that their arteries are weakened until there is a big event, such as a heart attack or stroke. However, there are symptoms that may be present before such an event, depending on which arteries are affected. You should become familiar with these symptoms. It could save your life or the life of someone else.

Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease happens when plaques attempting to strengthen the arteries of the heart are no longer able to supply enough oxygen to the heart. Symptoms are generally triggered by exercise or stress. You may experience angina, or pain in your chest, if your coronary arteries are affected. You may also have pain in the shoulder, arm, jaw, or neck.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease happens when plaque builds up in the arteries of the arms or legs. The narrowed arteries lead to numbness and pain. Heart attacks and strokes are common in people with peripheral artery disease, as are serious, life-threatening infections.

Carotid Artery Disease

Carotid artery disease happens when the arteries of the brain are affected. If you have weakened or narrowed arteries leading to the brain, you may experience all of the symptoms of a stroke. This includes sudden weakness in the face, arms, or legs, generally occurring only on one side of the body. Trouble speaking or understanding what people are trying to say to you is another red flag. Visual disturbances, severe headache that comes on suddenly, dizziness, and balance problems are also signs of stroke or carotid artery disease.

How Do I Avoid Diseases of the Arteries?

Think about how arterial disease progresses. The artery wall is weak, so the body patches it with cholesterol plaques. The body sees these plaques as foreign and creates an inflammation response. Inflammation can cause arterial walls to swell, breaking loose chunks of hardened plaque. This causes a blood clot effect inside the arteries, causing a stroke or heart attack.

What you may not know is that your body doesn’t prefer to use rigid, hard, inflexible cholesterol as a bandage for artery damage. It only does so if there isn’t enough vitamin C present in the body to produce collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are only formed if there is enough vitamin C present. Because vitamin C is water soluble, it isn’t stored well by the body. This is why a continuous diet of fruits and vegetables or supplementation is necessary to avoid arterial diseases.

If you supplement with vitamin C, then you can be sure that you’re getting enough. This also wipes out inflammation, clears inflammation-causing free radicals, and strengthens arteries so that they don’t need so much patch-work in the first place.

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