Immunomodulator Supplements – Normalizing the Immune System

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Calm Autoimmune Responses or Strengthen a Weak Immune System.

Immunomodulator drugs are relatively new and have just about “cured” many people suffering from autoimmune diseases or compromised immune systems. Immunomodulators are unique in that they adjust to each person’s immune problems. If a person has low immunity, immunomodulators boost the immune system to an optimal level. If a person is autoimmune, or has an overactive immune system, then immunomodulators decrease the action and production of immune cells, regulating the immune system. An interesting fact about immunomodulators is that if a person with a normal immune system takes them, there is basically no effect.

How Do Immunomodulators Work?

Immunomodulators help the body to produce extra cytokine molecules. Cytokines are “messengers” that tell the immune system how to react to certain things. For instance, your cytokines may tell your immune system that there is a virus present and with how much aggression it should attack. Part of the attack is producing a certain amount of inflammatory cytokines to help take care of invaders, viruses, bacteria, infections or disease.

If someone has an overactive immune system, or autoimmune disease, their body may overreact to small invaders by producing way too many inflammatory cytokines. Their bodies may also mistake healthy cells and organs for invaders and attack. Immunomodulators produce more “regulating” cytokines so that more accurate messages are conveyed to the immune system. They also help to keep floods of inflammatory cytokines from being produced when small invaders are detected.

Immunomodulators help the immune response to be more “appropriate” or “efficient”.

Are there any Natural Ways to Regulate My Immune System?

Magnesium deficiency is reportedly directly linked to immune disorders. Almost everyone experiences magnesium deficiency at one time or another. Magnesium is used in over 300 bodily processes and is easily used up. Stress, poor diet, disease, sweating, or simply being startled can decrease magnesium levels in the body very quickly. Magnesium is a powerful immunomodulator. Many people report significant improvement in their health after 30 days of simply supplementing with this mineral.

Vitamin D3 is also a powerful immunomodulator and many people do not get enough of it from the sun. Vitamin D is converted in the body to vitamin D3, making it usable by the body. Some people, especially those with autoimmune disease, cannot properly convert vitamin D into D3. Supplementing with vitamin D3 under the supervision of your doctor could greatly improve your immune response.

Natural News reports that curcumin, blackseed oil, and oleander extract are also powerful immunomodulators. Here’s what they have to say:

“Curcumin is the major component of the common kitchen spice ‘turmeric’. It is a wonderful herb which has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties and it has been shown to inhibit autoimmune disorders. Note: curcumin is ordinarily not very bio-available. Consuming piperine (black pepper) and/or coconut milk may improve absorption somewhat, but the best therapeutic value may be found in curcumin supplements designed for high bio-availability.”

“Blackseed oil (Nigella sativa) is another powerful immunomodulator and it has been used for centuries for a wide variety of illnesses. The prophet Muhammad was reported to have said that blackseed is a ‘cure for everything but death’.”

“Oleander is noted as a supreme immune stimulator and for its success against cancer, HIV and other conditions. However, it appears that oleander is also a powerful immune-modulator, with many reports of it helping people with immune disorders. Note: only properly prepared non-toxic supplemental oleander extract should be used since the raw plant is quite toxic.”

If you are seriously concerned about your immune system, you need to work with your doctor. Supplementing can help you, but you may still need prescription immunomodulator drugs to significantly improve your immune response. Always discuss any vitamins and supplements routine with your health care provider.



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