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Eliminate Seasonal Allergy Meds with Supplements

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Natural Allergy Relief

Treat the cause of your allergies instead of covering up symptoms with multiple allergy medications.

Regulate Your Immune System

Have you heard the phrase, “too much of a good thing”? Well your immune system is no exception. Lots of people try to boost their immune systems by revving them up with products like Echinacea and zinc. If you have allergies, then your immune system is already heightened and malfunctioning. By making your immune system “stronger” you are also strengthening the malfunction. Unless your doctor has told you that you have low immunity, then you should be careful taking these types of supplements. The key to controlling allergies is to regulate your immunity so that it doesn’t overreact to every piece of dust, pollen, or mold spore.

Morning Sun Exposure Lowers BMI

Friday, June 27th, 2014
Benefits of Sunbathing

Studies show that sun intensity, duration of sun exposure, and even the time of day that you sunbathe can all affect your BMI.

The morning sun exposes us to more “blue light” – sunlight of a shorter wavelength – that has been shown to have a strong influence on the circadian system. This directly affects your BMI, studies show. We hope that you enjoy this article from Medical News Today. Click here to read the full article on their site.

Vitamin Deficiencies that Cause Pain

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Vitamins for Pain

Is your pain being caused by simple vitamin deficiencies? Get it straight before you medicate.

Vitamin deficiencies can cause all sorts of pain, health conditions, and neurological problems. Before masking symptoms with medication, you should be aware of which ones could be caused by a simple vitamin deficiency. This is especially true if you consider that many common medications deplete our vitamin stores or hinder the absorption of vitamins that we are eating or taking. We recommend that you have your doctor check for these specific vitamin deficiencies before resorting to medication to treat your pain.

Combat Chronic Inflammation with Vitamins

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
Arthritis Vitamins Inflammation Hands

Inflammation not only hurts, but it destroys tissues and causes disease. Learn how to avoid chronic inflammation with vitamins and supplements.

Inflammation is your body’s main defense mechanism, meant to anticipate, intercept and destroy invading microorganisms. Inflammation causes redness, swelling, heat and pain. Inflammation helps your immune system fight invaders and heal injuries, but can be dangerous if it becomes chronic.

Inflammation becomes a danger when it is brought on by malfunctions of the immune system. Autoimmune diseases and allergies are good examples. Out of the ten leading causes of death in the United States, chronic, low-level inflammation causes seven of them. This includes Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, nephritis, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory disease.

Basic Magnesium Deficiency Causes Obesity and Diabetes

Monday, February 17th, 2014
Obesity Causes, Insulin Resistance, Leptin Resistance

Avoid Diabetes and Obesity by Making a Few Simple Changes in Your Habits

Obesity is a complex condition. People that suffer from obesity also suffer from lethargy, stress and excess hunger, because an obese body’s need for energy and nutrients cannot be fulfilled by food. Obesity is actually a combination of conditions that lead to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.


It may be surprising, but most obese people are actually suffering from gross malnutrition. It is very hard to consume an excess number of calories eating nutrient dense healthy foods. Most people become overweight by eating processed foods. The nutritional content, hormones, chemicals, pesticides, and lack of fiber in these foods leaves the body thinking that it always needs more, because it’s not getting what it needs. A lack of vitamins and nutrients in the diet causes the brain to signal the body to store fat, stay hungry, and slow down metabolism.

Neurological Disorders and Vitamin D Part 2

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Neurological Vitamins

Are all of your Neurological Symptoms Being Caused by an Underlying Vitamin Deficiency?

Part 2: Why Vitamin D May or May Not Be Helping You

Before you begin, you may want to read Part 1 of this series by clicking here.

I’m Already Taking Medication for my Neurological Problems.

Most neurological disorders are treated with medications that alter the amounts of different hormones that are used by the body. Your doctor may prescribe a drug that increases serotonin absorption, for example. The problem with these medications is that they don’t fix the root of the problem. Over long treatment periods, they can cause the body to make less of the already depleted hormone. Supplementing with vitamin D and carefully managing prescription medication dosages can help you to fix the underlying sleep disorder that is causing the neurological symptoms.

Neurological Disorders and Vitamin D

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

brain disorder tree graphic

How is vitamin D deficiency affecting your brain?

Part 1: Learning How Vitamin D Is Used

People with neurological problems such as chronic pain, chronic headaches, tremors, depression, dizziness, stroke and memory loss will almost always have abnormal sleep study results, even when they are completely unaware of any sleep problems. Furthermore, most sleep issues can be drastically improved or eradicated by increasing vitamin D levels. It turns out that a vast majority of neurological problems can also be eliminated by vitamin D supplementation.

Inadequate Vitamin D Levels May Lead to Uterine Fibroids

Friday, August 30th, 2013
woman with stomach pain

Could your vitamin D levels be contributing to your infertility?

Interesting article on The New York Times website. We hope that you find it as informative as we did.

Inadequate levels of vitamin D may increase the risk for uterine fibroids, a new study reports.

Vitamin D has been associated with reduced risk for various diseases, but this is the first to examine the connection to fibroids, benign tumors of the uterus that can cause pain and bleeding.

New Vitamin D Studies Link High Blood Pressure to Deficiency

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Heart Anatomy

Vitamin D Links with Heart Disease and Hypertension

High blood pressure, or hypertension, can put you at high risk for other conditions, such as chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown a higher prevalence of hypertension in places further from the equator. Because these places have less ultraviolet-B light (UVB), vitamin D production is lower in these areas. Higher blood pressure is seen during the winter months in other areas of the United States.

Immunomodulator Supplements – Normalizing the Immune System

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Immune Response Graphic

Calm Autoimmune Responses or Strengthen a Weak Immune System.

Immunomodulator drugs are relatively new and have just about “cured” many people suffering from autoimmune diseases or compromised immune systems. Immunomodulators are unique in that they adjust to each person’s immune problems. If a person has low immunity, immunomodulators boost the immune system to an optimal level. If a person is autoimmune, or has an overactive immune system, then immunomodulators decrease the action and production of immune cells, regulating the immune system. An interesting fact about immunomodulators is that if a person with a normal immune system takes them, there is basically no effect.