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Diet and Exercise Don’t Help Genetic High Cholesterol. Learn Which Vitamins and Supplements Do.

Is your high cholesterol genetic? Why diet and exercise won’t help. There have been great advances in the understanding and treatment of heart disease, hardened arteries, and chest pain with the use of vitamins and supplements. [Read more]

Vitamin C Therapy for Coronary Artery Disease

Treat the root cause of heart disease with the best vitamin C, vitamin c powder. Learn how vitamins and supplements can turn your health around. [Read more]

Part 2: What is causing my Arteries to Harden?

Part 2 in the series discussing what causes arteries to harden and how to treat it. Using discount vitamins can save you money. [Read more]

Part 1: What is causing my Arteries to Harden?

Part 1 of a two part series educating patients with atherosclerosis. What caused this and how can discount vitamins help? [Read more]

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