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Morning Sun Exposure Lowers BMI

June 27th, 2014
Benefits of Sunbathing

Studies show that sun intensity, duration of sun exposure, and even the time of day that you sunbathe can all affect your BMI.

The morning sun exposes us to more “blue light” – sunlight of a shorter wavelength – that has been shown to have a strong influence on the circadian system. This directly affects your BMI, studies show. We hope that you enjoy this article from Medical News Today. Click here to read the full article on their site.
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The Link between Dental Health, Heart Health and Diabetes

June 26th, 2014
Oral Health Overall Health

What do your teeth and gums say about your overall health?

The health of your teeth and gums can offer you warning to other health conditions developing or existing in your body. Some oral health problems can affect your entire body. Learning the connections between your teeth, gums, and your body can help you to maintain good overall health and catch problems early, preventing disease and death.
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Why You Are Craving Chocolate

June 20th, 2014
Chocolate Cravings Indicate Magnesium Deficiency

If you're craving chocolate, your body may be trying to tell you something.

Everyone has cravings. Craving what our body needs is natural and often alerts us to deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugar, or water. The most common source of food cravings is dehydration. Before you reach for a snack or extra meal, reach for a tall glass of water. If the craving goes away within about 20 minutes, then you have satisfied your body’s need.
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Vitamin Deficiencies that Cause Pain

June 2nd, 2014

Vitamins for Pain

Is your pain being caused by simple vitamin deficiencies? Get it straight before you medicate.

Vitamin deficiencies can cause all sorts of pain, health conditions, and neurological problems. Before masking symptoms with medication, you should be aware of which ones could be caused by a simple vitamin deficiency. This is especially true if you consider that many common medications deplete our vitamin stores or hinder the absorption of vitamins that we are eating or taking. We recommend that you have your doctor check for these specific vitamin deficiencies before resorting to medication to treat your pain.
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Uses and Benefits of Vitamin E

May 30th, 2014

Vitamin E Supplement

Is Vitamin E Supplementation Right for YOU?

Vitamin E is used in many bodily functions. It is classified as an antioxidant vitamin, meaning that it helps in cellular repair and protects cells from damage. Vitamin E is obtained through our diets, in vegetables, oils, eggs, fruit, and meats. People use vitamin E supplements to treat diabetes and to reduce their chances of heart attack, blood clots, cancer, and high blood pressure. Vitamin E is Research has shown that vitamin E supplementation is helpful for lots of health conditions, when done correctly under medical supervision.
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Striking Reasons to Supplement with Calcium

May 15th, 2014
Calcium Supplement Facts

Are you eating calcium that cannot be absorbed? When to supplement instead.

According to the USDA’s Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals, over 55% of men and 78% of women do not consume enough calcium in their diets. Just about everyone knows that you need calcium to build and maintain healthy strong bones, but calcium is required for many bodily functions.
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Heal Your Headaches with the Right Vitamins and Supplements

May 5th, 2014

Headache Vitamins

Headaches can stop you in your tracks. Learn which types of headaches can be helped with vitamins and supplements.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches usually affect one side of the head and can be excruciating. Migraines can be caused by food sensitivities/allergies, muscle malfunction, and over -stimulated nerves. Most people are completely intolerant to light when they have a migraine and may also experience nausea and auras. If your doctor has diagnosed you with migraine headaches, then you should have prescription migraine medication on hand to handle attacks. There are also steps you can take before migraines happen to avoid them. Research shows that vitamin B2 (riboflavin) can improve brain metabolism and decrease migraine occurrence. Balanced B vitamin levels also help to prevent them. Some people find migraine relief through a B12 shot, which can be prescribed by a doctor.
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How Vitamin C Stops Cancer

April 29th, 2014

Vitamins for Cancer

Great research showing just how vitamin C and other antioxidants could hold the key to future cancer treatments.

Please read this informative article from Science Daily, a great resource for the latest and greatest in vitamins and supplements research. We hope that you find it as helpful as we have!

Nearly 30 years after Nobel laureate Linus Pauling famously and controversially suggested that vitamin C supplements can prevent cancer, a team of Johns Hopkins scientists have shown that in mice at least, vitamin C – and potentially other antioxidants – can indeed inhibit the growth of some tumors ¯ just not in the manner suggested by years of investigation.
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The Truth about CoQ10 Supplements

April 1st, 2014
CoQ10 is not recommended for many medical conditions.

CoQ10 is not recommended for many medical conditions. Check with your doctor and educate yourself on actual CoQ10 studies before you supplement.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant made by the human body. CoQ10 is needed for cells to function and to convert food into energy. CoQ10 levels decrease as we age. The lowest CoQ10 levels are found in people with diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson’s disease, genetic disorders, and heart conditions.
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Stopping Diabetes Damage With Vitamin C

March 28th, 2014

Vitamins for Diabetes

Neither vitamin C or insulin prevents damage caused by diabetes, but the combination of the two does.

Please read this informative article from Science Daily, a great resource for the latest and greatest in vitamins and supplements research. We hope that you find it as helpful as we have!

Researchers at the Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center have found a way to stop the damage caused by Type 1 diabetes with the combination of insulin and a common vitamin found in most medicine cabinets.
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