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Feeling Tired and Old? Is Vitamin C Your Miracle Supplement?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Luckily you can correct a lot of those “sick and tired” symptoms with a simple vitamin C supplement. Learn how your lack of vitamin C may be making you old. [Read more]

Exercising, Eating Right, and Still No Weight Loss?

Could your healthy snack in the middle of the day be causing you to become obese? Yes, it certainly could be. [Read more]

Neurological Disorders and Vitamin D Part 2

Learn what you may be doing wrong or not considering while supplementing with vitamin D. Vitamin D treats underlying sleep conditions that lead to neurological disorders. [Read more]

New Vitamin D Studies Link High Blood Pressure to Deficiency

Interesting new findings that link hypertension and possibly heart disease to low vitamin D levels. [Read more]

High Triglycerides? What it Means and Vitamins that can Help.

Learn the difference in cholesterol and triglycerides, why they are important to you, and what you can do about them. [Read more]

How Women Can Benefit from Vitamin E

Women fight heart disease, plaque build-up in the arteries, menopause and more with a simple vitamin E supplement. [Read more]

Fat and Cholesterol Are Good for You? Why Scientist Are Taking Back What They Told Us.

How low fat and diet foods make you fat and unhealthy. New research shows that high cholesterol is healthier for you than low cholesterol. [Read more]

New Year’s Resolution: Avoid Vitamins Immediately Before and After Exercise

Did your vitamin supplement just negate the healthy effects of your workout? Learn when to take vitamins so that they help instead of hurt. [Read more]

Are Women Receiving Equal Treatment for Heart Disease?

Are women taken seriously by their physicians? Why is it that only 14% of women make lifestyle changes after a cardiac event? Information about heart disease. [Read more]

Fiber’s Link to Immunity

Soluble fiber combined with vitamin C has a profound effect on inflammation in the body. Try Eurofiber or sodium ascorbate mixed with soluble fiber to reap the benefits. [Read more]

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