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Vitamins and Supplements for Healing

Zinc: Zinc works with vitamin A and vitamin C to produce collagen. It also boosts the immune system and stabilizes cell membranes, which aids in healing. Zinc is needed for DNA replication, cell division, cell activation and many more processes that are necessary for healing to occur. People with proper levels of zinc in their bodies have a much higher resistance to infection and a shorter healing time than those with even slight zinc deficiencies.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E improves heart function and helps to limit tissue damage during infection, injury, illness or surgery. Therefore, it is often recommended that supplementation with vitamin E be initiated before a planned surgery, unless you’ve had bleeding issues or a stroke. It can also be helpful after surgery, injury, infection or illness because during these events, oxygen rich blood is temporarily shut off from the damage site. When oxygen is restored to the damaged area, a flood of free radicals and toxins infest the area. Antioxidants such as vitamin E mop up these free radicals and prevent further damage from occurring.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is necessary for cells to be able to “grow up” and mature. This is very important for tissues to completely heal. Vitamin A works with vitamin C and zinc to produce new tissues and collagen. Vitamin A also aids in creating new blood vessels to nourish newly formed tissues.

Vitamin C: Trauma, surgery, illness, and infection all quickly deplete your vitamin C stores. You may become deficient almost immediately. Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient for the production of collagen and elastin, which are necessary for healing to occur. Collagen makes up the structure of tissues, skin, bones, and blood vessels. Elastin gives the sites the flexibility that they need to withstand swelling, stretching, or future trauma. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, gives each cell a protective barrier against free radicals, removes damaging free radicals from the body, and helps to prevent and control inflammation. Your doctor may recommend that you supplement with a non-acidic form of vitamin c, like sodium ascorbate vitamin c powder, before and after surgery.

Protein: Generating new tissues requires a lot of protein. Normal protein levels facilitate the formation of fibrous tissues. If there is not enough protein available to properly heal a wound, the body will produce fluid to protect the area while it heals. This leaves people more prone to infections, tissue breakdown and other post-operative complications.

Fiber: Urinary tract and bladder infections are very common after surgery. This is generally because the use of urinary catheters leaves this area open to infection. However, these types of infections can also occur when patients do not drink enough fluids after surgery. While the body is healing, its fluid requirements will be higher. If a high volume of fluid isn’t present, then toxins and bacteria can sit in the bladder too long.

Fiber keeps the bowels moving. This also helps to prevent dehydration and flushes the bladder out regularly. Fiber also helps to strengthen the immune system and reduces inflammation. If infection does occur, fiber can help you to recover faster.

Always remember to discuss any vitamins and supplements that you are taking, or plan to take, with your physician.

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